Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Wow..what was I thinking!?!

Day One- Whew, crossed off the calendar in large red sharpie!

Area of focus for workout: Chest and Back

What I learned: I have absolutely NO arm strength... at all.

Thoughts: Well, I’m so glad I started out this program with my face on the mat 70% of the time. Holy geeze, push- ups are hard and you have to do a lot of different kinds. One form you start in a push up position and slide your body on the ground like you are going under a fence and then back up over the fence. Well let me tell you, that workout ended up being me hitting the ground and pretty much staying there. I may have gotten in a little over my head and that is just day one!

Good News: Not to sore today! Tender but not sore so I guess that is a small victory.

Ok...deep breathe...day two can't be that much harder...right?

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