Wednesday, March 31, 2010

We made it into the BEST Treasury!

Thanks Paradise Purls!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Our Very First GIVEWAY!!

Drum Roll Please.....Introducing Our Very First Giveaway!

To help celebrate Earth Day this month we are giving away a handmade t-shirt tote. This handmade, custom printed bag is from our personal collection of eco-friendly products using repurposed materials. The t-shirt tote makes a perfect grocery bag, purse, travel bag or book back. Check out ways to enter below for your chance to win this unique eco-friendly tote.
You can complete any (or many) of the ways listed to enter our giveaway. Please enter your email in the comment and let us know each item you've completed. We will enter all of the names and number of entries into our drawing Tuesday night and let you know by Wednesday morning. GOOD LUCK!

1.) Follow us on Twitter (1 entry)
2.) Follow us on this blog (1 entry)
3.) Find your favorite thing in our shop and heart it. (1 entry)
4.) Purchase something from our shop (5 entries)

This Week's BESTeam's Featured Artist- Conduit Press

Looking through Conduit Press’s shop gave me a feeling of relaxation and calmness. The leather bound books and hand knitted scarves reminds me of being in a cozy chair somewhere in the corner of an old library. Talia, the artist behind Conduit Press, has a passion for creating and making things. She has said that she loves the feeling of having a completed book in her hand when she is finished. Conduit Press has an array of fabulous things to see, from various types of bound books to beautiful photographs. Talia is excited to continue to grow as an artist and share her creations with the world. Her hope for the shop is that her items represent her and her love for creating handmade things. Looking through Conduit Press on Etsy that hope seems like a very clear reality to me. Take a look at Conduit Press yourself and feel the calmness set in! For more information on Talia and Conduit Press visit her art blog here and take a peek at her photos at here.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Coming Soon our NEW Mommy and Me Line!

Just in time for Mother's Day we are introducing our line of Mommy and Me custom screen printed shirts. We specialize in creating modern outfits to compliment one another! Check out our etsy site to see our NEW listings!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

EtsyFriends Team

YAY! We are now friends with the EtsyFriends Team. Check us out at EtsyFriendsTeam: turquoiseangels

Purple Shmurple

PurpleShmurple is an adorable little place that likes to sell purple things, but don’t worry they don’t discriminate. PurpleShmurple by Quincifer has plenty of other designs and items that are not purple, from a sweet green flower pendant to trendy pirate earrings. There is a little something for everyone’s taste. Quincifer makes her PurpleShmurple jewelry from found items that she puts together to make unique pieces. I personally loved the Green Bloom necklace and the Nautical necklace. They were both very different styles but interesting to me. Take a look for yourself at

Celebrate Earth Day with Ring a Ling by Beth

Just in time for Earth day Ringalingbybeth is helping us to become eco-friendly buyers. She is a jewelry maker specializing in vintage rings made out of renewed and repurposed items. She takes the unusual and turns it into something beautiful. Right now she is featuring handmade rings made out of vintage buttons and sea glass. Ringalingbybeth also has more delicate rings like flowers and cameos. All of her rings come with resizable bands so each one fits just right for you. Ringalingbybeth’s items are one of a kind which makes them extremely unique in a world where everything is mass produced. I added a few of my favorites but you can check out more items from Ringalingbybeth at

Childhood Memories with Wigglysee Crochet Toys

Everyone has that special stuffed animal that knows all of your secrets and has been your best friend since birth. You know the one that is completely worn out and falling apart but you just can’t bear to toss it out. You treat them like family and anyone close to you knows about that prized procession. Let’s see, my mom’s was Drowsy Beans, my sister’s was Webby and my brother’s was Bear (poor bear). My true love however was Tina, who lost three fingers from a teething puppy attack the first week I had her, but I loved her anyway. These memories wouldn’t be so sweet if it weren’t for artist/crafters like Wigglysee. She is the creator of such great memories through her shop Wigglysee Crochet Toys. She has been crocheting toys for many years and has mastered the technique. Wigglysee’s amigurumi stuffed toys are built to last through all the trials they may be put through. Her stuffed toys are crocheted with acrylic yarn and hypoallergic polyfil for the stuffing. These make great gifts for newborns or for 1st birthdays. Take a look at Wigglysee at and see who’s memories you'll help create!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Great Easter Basket Stuffers from PinkFlowerCube

Easter Idea Alert! PinkFlowerCube has over 700 listings on her Etsy page found at that are perfect for Easter gifts. From tile coasters to stud earrings PinkFlowerCube has so many goodies to choose from. The little ones in your life will love the cute little studded earrings that come in all kinds of varieties of themes such as food, amimals and flowers. For the adults in your family PinkFlowerCube has a fabulous assortment of handmade coaster to choose from. The shop is also having 20% off all orders over $10 sell until April 4, stop by the website for more details. I picked a few pictures to post that go with the Easter/Spring theme but there are tons more to choose from on the site.

Turquoise- The New Black For Spring!

Turquoise is the perfect color for spring this year. After the cold dark winter we just emerged from its time to add a little freshness and color to our lives. Designs by Bec is a perfect example of how turquoise can be in a piece of jewlery to put that pop of freshness in your wardrobe. Designs by Bec has many different colors and styles of jewelry but I was drawn immediately to her turquoise items (I guess I may be a little partial to the color). Her designs are bright and crisp and just make me think of spring. So toss out that boring winter wardrobe and add a little turquoise to your life this spring. Here are a few of my favorite items from Designs by Bec. Find your favorite at

Need an escape? Check out Shapes and Memories

Looking through Shapes and Memories Esty page I got lost in time fanaticizing about actually being in each of her amazing pictures. I absolutely fell in love with Maryia Ramanava’s work. She is a photographer residing in Germany where she uses different cameras to capture the beauty of the world around her. From her countryside landscapes to her abstract art, she captures an array of emotions in every image. I had such a hard time narrowing my favorites down to just a few to display on my blog. I ended up choosing the following three photos because they just made me think of spring time. These particular shots took me back to my childhood and playing outside in the warm sun all day without a care in the world. Although my mind...and body are ready for the warm days of spring and summer Shapes and Memories has gorgeous fall foliage shots that are quite stunning. Take a look for yourself at and see what you'll fall in love with at

Check us out in the ETSY HOLIDAY SHOWCASE

YAY! We are in the Etsy holiday showcase today. This picture is showing our handmade daisy pillowcse dress with white satin ribbon ties and our blue headband and white glamour daisy clip. Take a peek at all of our sweet designs for Easter and Spring.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I took this picture this weekend with one of our Turquoise Angels models during our spring photo shoot session. This is my favorite picture to date that I have taken with the girls. To see more pictures of our little angels check out our website at

Ply-O-my gosh!

Day 2- Plyometrics- major cardio. Started out feeling pretty good but about 40 mins. in I was hurting. I felt accomplished for completing the entire hour workout, but I have to admit towards the end I was definitely creating my own "modified" moves.

What I learned: Take a double dose of an anti-inflammatory. I did this and felt a lot better this morning then I expected. My major area of tenderness is still around under and around my arms.

So looks like Arms and Shoulders are going to be a blast tonight!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

NEW- Hand Stitched Headbands

Our latest custom creation! Soft crochet elastic headbands with hand stitched ribbon design. These adorable headbands make any spring outfit complete. It's not to late to have them shipped in time for Easter.

See more of our new designs at

Wow..what was I thinking!?!

Day One- Whew, crossed off the calendar in large red sharpie!

Area of focus for workout: Chest and Back

What I learned: I have absolutely NO arm strength... at all.

Thoughts: Well, I’m so glad I started out this program with my face on the mat 70% of the time. Holy geeze, push- ups are hard and you have to do a lot of different kinds. One form you start in a push up position and slide your body on the ground like you are going under a fence and then back up over the fence. Well let me tell you, that workout ended up being me hitting the ground and pretty much staying there. I may have gotten in a little over my head and that is just day one!

Good News: Not to sore today! Tender but not sore so I guess that is a small victory.

Ok...deep two can't be that much harder...right?

Here I go...

Since spring has arrived and summer is hanging out around the corner, it’s time once again to begin the battle of the bulge. This year my attempt to get fit leads me to in a new path. I will be skipping the gym and using P90X. Now for me this is quite the commitment. Ninety straight days of working out is daunting to say the least, especially for me who pays for a gym membership and goes about 20 times a year (and that’s being generous). In fact one year I didn’t even make it to the building a single time. It’s not so much that I am too busy, although I try to reason with myself that way, I am just plain l-a-z-y. So I have come to the conclusion that this is the time to seriously commit to something for the long haul. I started P90X Monday, March 22 in the hopes that I will be bikini ready for our family beach trip on June 26. I have 96 days to complete the program. Which means I have to work out on weekends? Uh oh, I may need to rethink this strategy a bit! To help me stay on track I am going to keep updates on my progress on this blog in the hopes that this will hold me accountable to stick to the plan. So off I go! Wish me lots of luck and fast recovering muscles!

Monday, March 22, 2010


Spring is FINALLY here!! Check out our new spring line of hand tied tutus, cotton dresses and spring flower clips. Click on the Turquoise Angels link at the top of the page or below to check out all the "goodies for little girlies"!