Sunday, March 28, 2010

Childhood Memories with Wigglysee Crochet Toys

Everyone has that special stuffed animal that knows all of your secrets and has been your best friend since birth. You know the one that is completely worn out and falling apart but you just can’t bear to toss it out. You treat them like family and anyone close to you knows about that prized procession. Let’s see, my mom’s was Drowsy Beans, my sister’s was Webby and my brother’s was Bear (poor bear). My true love however was Tina, who lost three fingers from a teething puppy attack the first week I had her, but I loved her anyway. These memories wouldn’t be so sweet if it weren’t for artist/crafters like Wigglysee. She is the creator of such great memories through her shop Wigglysee Crochet Toys. She has been crocheting toys for many years and has mastered the technique. Wigglysee’s amigurumi stuffed toys are built to last through all the trials they may be put through. Her stuffed toys are crocheted with acrylic yarn and hypoallergic polyfil for the stuffing. These make great gifts for newborns or for 1st birthdays. Take a look at Wigglysee at and see who’s memories you'll help create!


  1. Thank you for the wonderful feature :)

  2. Tiinnaa!!! and you are right, POOR BEAR! (haha)


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