Sunday, March 28, 2010

Purple Shmurple

PurpleShmurple is an adorable little place that likes to sell purple things, but don’t worry they don’t discriminate. PurpleShmurple by Quincifer has plenty of other designs and items that are not purple, from a sweet green flower pendant to trendy pirate earrings. There is a little something for everyone’s taste. Quincifer makes her PurpleShmurple jewelry from found items that she puts together to make unique pieces. I personally loved the Green Bloom necklace and the Nautical necklace. They were both very different styles but interesting to me. Take a look for yourself at


  1. I like the pieces you have posted and found my way to the shop, but it wasn't open when I arrived. Could someone send me a note when when it reopens so I can check it out? Thanks!

  2. I found you on the Etsy forums, nice blog.We are following you to keep up with your creations. You can find out about us here.
    Just posted to our Kitty Blog here, Blind Brownie:

    and my crafty blog:

  3. Ooooh this is me!!! I didn't know about this, thank you so much!
    I tried clicking on 'littlelight' above to contact them but it doesn't seem to there any way of contacting them?


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