Monday, November 8, 2010

How I started Crafting

One rainy afternoon 40 years ago in Southeast Georgia, I was fascinated by the crochet hook working its way so swiftly through the yarn in my grandmothers hands. So of course I asked her if she would teach me that magic art. I learned to crochet, then sew and quilt and realized how rewarding it was to create things with my hands. Over the years I moved on to sketching, painting, paper sculpting and stain glass work. Time moved on, I married and had a family. I had beautiful angelic little girls, girls that needed dresses, dance costumes and hair bows. There were beauty pageants complete with rhinestones, sequins, organza and tulle. I stayed busy and happy for years. Alas, the time came and the little angels finished college and flew away. Now I am the grandmother swiftly weaving the rhinestone decorated tulle in to beautiful tutus and joyously twisting ribbon into lovely little hair bows for the newest heavenly arrivals. I feel that you can  never be too old to learn a new craft.    Crafting sometimes can be artist way of showing love.

This is part of Etsy CREST’s November Blog Carnival “How I Started crafting”

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