Monday, November 22, 2010

Best team Feature Your Daily Jewels

Holiday shopping, turkey and pie, oh my! I know, most everyone will be rushing around checking their list and making plans for the holidays, but I discovered a way to relax and shop. Grab your favorite beverage or snack and snuggle up to your computer. Log on to Your Daily Jewels. This cute shop on Etsy is run by Norah Downey from New York. She has filled her shop with unique one of kind bracelets, necklaces earrings and more. Shoppers will find gold, silver and other base metals infused with jewels and a shocking burst of color.

Start your holiday shopping with some of my favorite finds from Your Daily Jewels.

Please read about the shop owner in her profile you will learn a few interesting facts. One of the nicest things I learned was how Ms Downey discovered her artistic talent by creating rewards for her young patients with disabilities. 
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You may also want to check out her original shop P J Clarke


  1. Great feature! I am learning all of the BEST team feature tricks...connie from redemptionart. I love your blog!

  2. Very nice article! Norah makes some awesome jewelry!

  3. My long overdue comment: This is the best BEST feature I have ever had! Thank you for taking the time to really capture my brand:)
    Your Daily Jewels

  4. PJ you are welcome. You have an inspiring story.


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