Friday, April 16, 2010

This Weeks BESTeams Feature is on YoursTrulyDear

This weeks Besteam feature is on YoursTrulyDear. I am so lucky to have discovered such a fantastic shop and artist. miss jess is a 23 year old married student who is dislikes grammar, apostrophes, and loves commas. as homage to her fabulousness i have tried to write this piece without those useless grammar needs. which is tough because i am obsessed with capital letters and apostrophes . this was a wonderful challenge and i had a great time learning about the miss jess the fashionista. she quite possibly has the cutest blog and shop i have come across. YoursTrulyDear is a sweet shop on etsy ran by two best friends specializing in all things handmade by love in an effort to make the world a little cuter. they carry their cute love theme into all of their items listing sections as love your jewelry, love your baby, and love your technology. i personally love YoursTrulyDear! i also just adore Jess’s (one of the owners of YoursTrulyDear) blog titled the mundande adventures of miss jess. here she writes about life fashion family and other great esty shops that she likes. she is so funny and candied and her blog is just so much fun to read. check out YoursTrulyDear and blog and put a little love and humor in your life!


  1. very cute post. i will stay away from apostrophes and exclamation points but your picture collage is awesome (praise, praise, praise)

  2. thank you so much for this sweet post. i really appreciate it, and i'm glad you like the shop and my blog!! ♥ (i'll put a link to this on my blog!)


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