Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ok We Admit It…We’re Addicts!

We are ready to come clean and admit the truth. We are addicted to TRADING on ETSY! We stumbled upon a forum thread on etsy call Trade-A-Holics. It is a fabulous group that works together to show appreciation to and for other sellers on etsy. This particular evening the group was having a weekend trade and I lucked out finding it early the last day. I was sucked in immediately. Basically you put your name out there and open up items for trade in your shop and you look at others or wait for them to look at yours and invite you to a trade. It was such am excited rush to find out someone wanted to trade with you. Then you get to look at their shop and pick something that you want that is equal to price value of the item they want from you. It felt like I was getting free stuff and those of you who know me know that “bargin” is my middle name. So as you can see it is highly addictive and I happily let myself indulge in this fantastic game. I was so excited to trade with some really talented sellers. In the end of the trade we ended up with some amazing things from the friendliest people. We wanted to share the goodies that we received and the wonderful sellers and we recommend everyone work with.
Check out how you can become an addict too at Trade-A-Holics
Shops we traded with:
Julie Ellyn Designs
Peculiar Parchment
The Recycled Pearl
Starr Clothing Company
Giggle Goddness Creations

Here are pictures of our goodies!


  1. Thank you so much for including my pendant :) Yes - we are addicts, it's just too much fun ...

  2. I am so happy that we traded!!! My little one adores her twirly skirt! Enjoy your earrings!

  3. Thats so cool! PS Give me those earrings :)


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