Sunday, February 27, 2011

Besteam Feature On behalf Of

Upon first glance at this shop, you notice the wild wonderful color, shocking the senses for a good cause.  We are honored and humbled to write about this worthy undertaking.  

On Behalf Of is the vision of Kate the creator and owner. She has been inspired by those less fortunate to create on their behalf.  

 She has developed prints that call attention to the need for clean drinking water in African communities as well as the need to help with millions of children who have been orphaned due to war conflicts or parental death from aids.

On behalf of is certainly a different kind of Etsy shop.  There is a hauntingly beautiful collage which draws attention to the ongoing needs of the people in Haiti.

This intricately woven bracelet is dedicated to given HOPE to orphan children around the world.

Even you can do something to stop human trafficking. This print is being sold in order to raise funds to stop modern day slavery.

Writing this feature On Behalf Of was a profound eye opening event.   Please take a few moments out of your day, stop by and visit On Behalf of.   There is so much more to this shop than prints.  Take time to read the informative description about each item in the shop.  You may find a cause that is near and dear to your on heart.

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  1. I love Kate's Art Prints, definitely inspiring. Your feature shows a great view of how Kate is helping in her artistic abilities.

  2. Wonderful feature. I'll be sure to visit this shop.


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